Kay’s Books and Articles

Whatever information you are seeking from a professional book or article about boards, fundraising or working with volunteers, Kay has probably written something that will help you. More information on each book and links to purchase are below.

  • Beyond Fundraising. This is the strongest expression of Kay’s philosophical, strategic and tactical approach to philanthropy: a best-seller, widely used.
  • High Impact Philanthropy. Spells out the entire concept of transformational giving along with innovative nonprofit marketing strategies.
  • Over Goal! A compendium of essays on dozens of nonprofit topics published previously in the journal “Contributions” – short pieces, very focused.
  • The Ultimate Board Member’s Book. Kay’s best-selling book has sold 45,000 copies. Board members love the advice and it only takes an hour to read.
  • Fundraising Mistakes That Bedevil All Boards. Some copies of this are still available, but it was replaced by the next book on this list.
  • The Busy Volunteer’s Guide to Fundraising. A rewrite, update and repositioning of the ideas in “Fundraising Mistakes”. Another one-hour read.
  • The AAA Way to Fundraising Success: Maximizing Involvement, Maximizing Results. Often purchased in quantity for board members in organizations implementing the AAA model for board engagement.
  • Transform Your Board Into a Fundraising Force. Kay’s most recent book explores board PQ (Passion Quotient”) and AAA “2.0” ideas.
  • The Non-Profit Board’s Role in Mission, Planning and Evaluation. (with John Yankey and Amy McClellan) Part of the BoardSource Governance Series.

See her chapters in Fundraising Management 101 (Second Edition), edited by Darian Rodriguez Heyman and MeVolution, edited by Tony Myers and Jon Duchinsky, as well as in early editions of Achieving Excellence in Fundraising by Henry A. Rosso and Associates. Read her articles in AFP’s Advancing Philanthropy, Contributions Magazine (now archived with Emerson & Church) and in Blue Avocado a web-based publication. An extensive interview with her appeared in the July 2020 Advancing Philanthropy, their “Beyond Fundraising” issue.

Kay Grace

You may read the article, Kay Sprinkel Grace: An Outstanding Fundraising Professional which appeared in the July 2020 issue of Advancing Philanthropy. Search Kay Sprinkel Grace online for more digital and published references.

Ultimate Board Member cover

Here is the Book for All Boards:

Kay’s book will take your board members only one hour to read, and yet they’ll come away from The Ultimate Board Member’s Book with a firm command of just what they need to do to help your organization succeed. It’s all here in jargon-free language: how boards work, what the job entails, the time commitment involved, the role of staff, serving on committees and task forces, fundraising responsibilities, conflicts of interest, group decision-making, effective recruiting, de-enlisting board members, board self-evaluation, and more.


Kay’s Available Books